Physiologic Yoga is a unique style of therapeutic yoga created by Winnipeg Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor Leslee Watt.  All Physiologic Yoga classes aim to reduce pain, tension and stress through movement, relaxation and meditation.

physiologic Therapeutic Yoga Classes

A revolutionary approach to therapeutic yoga, these classes will integrate the best of what Physiologic Yoga has to offer. Including meditation, breathing and exercise techniques that help to sooth low back pain, neck and shoulder tension and stress, each class will address the whole body and calm the mind.


Upcoming Physiologic Yoga Sessions

Time: Wednesdays 7:30-8:45pm  Location: Yoga Centre Winnipeg, 915 Grosvenor

July 4th - 25th 2018
$78 + GST

Instructor: Stephen Klatt
Contact to Register:


August 1st - 29th 2018

$108 + GST

Instructor: Leslee Watt



In the meantime, try out a Physiologic Yoga Audio Class!