Stay Tuned...

"Taking the Physiologic Yoga Course last summer was unexpectedly one of the most influential courses I have taken.   I work in a private practice and have been able to apply the knowledge I learned to treat everyone from athletes to chronic pain.  This is not a just a "stretching" course. Leslee brings in pain science, neurodynamics and therapeutic movement to deliver a scientifically based course which I use everyday in my job.  Thank-you Leslee."

- Kim Szajkowski, Winnipeg Physiotherapist


"This course has helped me tremendously in bringing together a vision of how I can help others feel less pain and move better. And personally, this course has been outstanding - I am now going to be able to use yoga and meditation to help get me through my own stress and re-connect with myself."

- Fleur McEvoy, Registered Nurse and Midwife


*For more information, including curriculum and how to register, please contact us directly.*   204-296-3234