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What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient art comprised of movement, breath and mindfulness.  Asana, or physical poses, were designed initially to help people condition their bodies to be able to sit longer during meditation.

Benefits of Yoga

There are countless scientific studies supporting the application of yoga to benefit one's health. Yoga is a comprehensive system promoting mental and physical health and provides profound stress relief. Yoga is great for anyone wanting to add an extra dimension to their already healthy lifestyle or who has a particular health problem they want to address.  Yoga helps to build strength, balance, endurance, patience and flexibility.  

Some other benefits to expect are:

    - more energy
    - better body awareness

    - better sleep
    - less aches and pains
    - a general sense of well-being

Is Yoga appropriate for everyone?

Yes! There are many schools and styles of yoga so one is bound to be right for you! Though many people feel insecure about trying yoga for the first time, you do not already have to be fit or flexible!  You simply have to be willing to honour your body, have an open mind and have a little fun!

Promoting a fit body, calm breath and peace of mind.

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