2 Day Urban Retreat - April 21 & 22, 2018

I have been spending the last few months exposing myself to several expansive practices and teaching myself that it's OK (even ESSENTIAL) to sing, dance and PLAY! I'd love to share the discoveries I've made with you in this 2 day urban retreat where you get to sleep in the comfort of your own home, but convene with like-minded women for 2 days in a remote location.


Dates: Saturday April 21 and Sunday April 22, 2018, 10am-5:30pm

Location: Sacred Places3000 St. Mary's Rd.

Investment: $225 + GST ($236.25) - Payable upon registration, with a $50non-refundable deposit included


What you will experience:

- The healing practice of Physiologic Therapeutic Yoga 

- Relaxation and Embodiment with a Restorative Yoga Workshop

- Fascial Release with Yin Yoga with Aroma-puncture

- Finding your TRUTH with Divine Feminine Movement/QOYA

- Finding your VOICE with Devotional Yogic Singing/ KIRTAN

- Daily tea with vegan, gluten-free snacks

- Meditation, breathing, introspection and intention setting rituals

- A few more surprises...


To register please email Leslee at info@physiyoga.ca